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Babongo | Men’s Wooden Watch | Snakewood | LGS027-2A

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If you travel to the Congo River Basin in Central Africa, you will discover the beautiful eco-friendly exotic hardwood known as Snakewood which is native to that region. It stands out as one of the most aesthetically unique sustainable exotic woods in the world. Its muted light-yellow/orange/red tinted brown underlying base color is covered by tight, uniform patterns of darker brown or black patches which give the appearance of snakeskin.

The wood is straight-grained with a fine texture and extremely dense. It turns and finishes to a high polish while displaying an impressive natural luster.  Named the Babongo, we selected this name in honor of the Congo River Basin Tribes.  The tribes are primarily hunter-foragers living in the rainforest, often called ‘Pygmies’.

The Babongo is a multi-country product.  From its hypoallergenic Snakewood from Africa to the overall design in America to the manufacture of the case and watchband in China to its Miyota Japanese world-famous movement, it is truly a world-class men’s watch.

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