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Closet Organizer Ideas

Closet Organizer Ideas

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1. Main material: nylon mesh + Oxford cloth
2. Packing method: bagged
3. 25x36x20cm: jeans, trousers (6/7 grid)
4. 17x36x12cm: leggings(6/7 grid)
5. 25x32x17cm:T-shirt(9 grid)



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Closet Organizer Ideas

We offer a complete closet organization for your bedroom. Our closet organizers are designed to make it easy for you to find your garments. They are also washable making it a snap to keep your garments clean. They are made from nylon mesh and oxford cloth. These organizers are one of our largest selling products.

Product Features:
1. One grid, one object, transparent and visible, washable, and even more pants can be seen at a glance.
2. Transparent and visible, easy to find objects, any surface is transparent and visible, quickly find objects.
3. Washable, clean, and hygienic, using nylon + Oxford cloth environmental protection material, easy to clean.
4. Three-dimensional and crisp, independent access, thick material, strong and rigid, can be moved by the whole box.

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