Ligglio watches are manufactured using only 100% natural wood and refrain from the use of toxic chemicals to either treat or protect the wood.  However, this is not a guarantee that you will not be affected by skin dermatitis. 

For any client that experiences discomfort (itching or rash) on their wrist after wearing a Ligglio watch, we suggest you stop wearing the watch and consult your doctor. 

Wood is recognized as a natural hypoallergenic material, but our watches feature stainless steel (304) clasps.  Please see the below study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information at:  ( or click on their logo above.

In 1994, a study of nickel release and allergic contact dermatitis from nickel-plated metals and stainless steels was published in this journal. It was shown that low-sulfur stainless steel grades like 304 release less than 0.03 microgram/cm2/week of nickel in acid artificial sweat and elicit no reactions in patients already sensitized to nickel.