Are you allergic to metal watches? Why should you wear a hypoallergenic watch?

Are you allergic to metal watches? Why should you wear a hypoallergenic watch?

If you have an allergy to wearing a metal watch, it can wreak havoc on your skin. A metal watch can cause an itchy red rash called allergic contact dermatitis to develop in hours or days. The National Institutes of Health reports that up to 17 percent of women and 3 percent of men are allergic to metals used to manufacture watches.  Over 70,000,000 people in the United States are affected by this condition.

Everyday life for these people is like walking through an allergy minefield in which they have to worry about having a reaction to their favorite watch unless it is made of genuine gold.

Metal allergies are thought to be an immune system response.  A person's body overreacts to the metal as a foreign body, causing the irritation.  Metal and plastic watches can contain alloys or chemicals that irritate the skin. This makes wearing a watch uncomfortable or even harmful.

Wooden watches are less likely to cause skin reactions because the watch case is made of a natural material. The material is warmer to the touch than metal and does not get hot like metal. This means that a wooden watch is not irritating to the skin.

A wooden watch is a timepiece which incorporates wood into the design. The casing and the strap are made from wood. The internal watch mechanism is much the same as a conventional watch.

Ligglio,, is an USA based company that provides wooden watches and wooden sunglasses around the world.  The wood material used to manufacture our watches mostly come from Africa.  All wood is made of reclaimed and recycled Maple, Bamboo, Sandalwood and Zebrawood in order to contribute to the green earth and reduce the pollution from metal and rubber.

Ligglio watches & sunglasses are eco-friendly and can reduce the problem of allergies for people around the world.

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