Why should I buy a wooden watch?  Are you allergic to metal watches?

Why should I buy a wooden watch? Are you allergic to metal watches?

For most of your life watches have been unchanged.  They are made of metal.  Mainly they are made of stainless steel, titanium, gold, platinum or carbon fiber.  Many people cannot wear metal watches due to being allergic to the metals.  Skin irritation may result from metal ions from the metal parts of a watch being extracted by perspiration. This kind of reaction is categorized as allergic skin dermatitis, which is caused by metals.

Today there is a standard that all businessmen and businesswomen wear watches.  The wristwatch has become a priority in the ensemble of most successful businessmen. In business, people who wear wristwatches are generally perceived as being more organized, reliable, and professional.

 Most all people in every country wear watches, but which one is best?  We can easily compare metal to wooden watches because of the clear differences in quality and reliability.  But which one is best for you and your health?

 Let’s face it; metal watches and wooden watches are both durable.  Wooden watches receive special coating of protection to make them more durable.  This makes the wooden watch smoother and softer.  Fact is that wooden watches are lighter because of the type of wood we use to manufacture them.  Normally we use bamboo or zebrawood to make wooden watches.  Most people understand that the wooden watches are more comfortable because they are lighter.  It just has a nicer feel.   

 So far not everyone wears a wooden watch.  A lot of people have never seen a wooden watch.  So, when people wear them, they are noticed by friends and clients.  Wooden watches are handmade and are more intricate and have a nicer design than metal most important they are hypoallergenic. 

 Wooden watches are made from materials that are much more natural and reusable than metal watches. All of our watches at Ligglio are made from recycled wood and this is part of the reason that wooden watches are considered to be more 'green' than other materials that may be used for watchmaking. 


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